We champion a global movement of medics, experts and leaders who promote, share and practice extreme medicine – and we invite you to join us.

We widen access to the teaching of extreme medicine so that every medic can apply its principles to benefit society as a whole.

Our alumni become fearless trailblazers – pushing the boundaries of exploration and adventure. But they also take these skills home, to apply to the new challenges of our time – pandemic, social inequality, political upheaval or climate change.

Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, dentist, vet, paramedic, medical or allied health professional, you can join us and discover new frontiers of your practice both at home or in the field.

Ready to broaden your horizons?

World Extreme Medicine trains, supports and informs medics looking to expand their skills and tackle new challenges.

Our network of around a quarter of a million experts, practitioners and instructors is here for you – inspiring, informing and connecting you with like-minded people and new opportunities.

Our medics tend to be:

  • Passionate – living, breathing and shouting about what we do
  • Pioneering – looking to set new standards in extreme medicine
  • Bold – unafraid to dream big, lift up, inspire and enable
  • Inclusive – part of a community, a force for good in the world
  • Focused – channelling expertise, people and ideas for practical direction
  • Level headed – humble, unpretentious yet good leaders

If this is what you’re looking for, see how you can get involved today.


World-leading training and expertise

Our unique global network provides you with the best people to learn from, offering expert knowledge on humanitarian, disaster relief, expedition, space, military, tactical and performance medicine.

A quarter of a century of experience

Our people have been practising and teaching extreme medicine in remote environments for over 25 years. It means we’re able to provide the most robust expedition support and the most relevant training available.

Standard-defining education

We provide the world’s most exciting CPD programmes across a range of platforms, with our MSc and Fellowship courses setting the standard for extreme medicine.

Impactful, immersive training

Our hands-on teaching in the extreme environments offers unrivalled experience of the challenges of remote medicine, whilst equipping you with broader leadership skills which benefit your own healthcare roles.

Universally Engaging

We ensure content is accessible to any medic through a vast range of courses, live broadcasts, our academy, Master’s programme and the world’s biggest extreme medicine conference.

Inspiring change

We bring some of the world’s most renowned medics to a wide audience of healthcare professionals to contribute and share knowledge, and renew passion for positive change.

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