Meet the Team

Campfire conversations have a magic about them.  There’s something about the vastness of the great outdoors and the warm flicker of the fire that conjures up dreams – and decisions.

It was one such campfire moment in the deserts of Namibia that established the roots of this very company.

A chance conversation about the impossibility of finding good expedition medics resulted in our Founding Director, Mark Hannaford creating the very first, bespoke Expedition Medicine course in the UK – over 20 years ago.

We’re proud today to be able to share the expertise of a global community of pioneering medics for the benefit of society as a whole.

Our faculty have travelled to every corner of the earth and beyond, picking up an unimaginably vast skill set.

We are able to provide the quality of training, education and collaboration that we do thanks to this team sharing their hard-won knowledge, proven techniques and inspiring skills with such generosity, passion and enthusiasm.


Mark Hannaford

Founder & CEO

Amy Green

Education & Engagement Manager

Eoin Walker

Advanced Paramedic Practitioner, Pre-Hospital Lead

Holly Paul

Office Coordinator

Ione Carnell

Finance Manager

Jack Wood

Marketing Manager

Joe Rowles

Joint Medical Director, Emergency Medicine Doctor, Conflict & Catastrophe,

Katie Harwood

Marketing Executive

Nick Struthers-Frost

Operations Director

Sarah Spelsberg

Director of Field Operations: USA

Sue McDonagh

Course Co-ordinator

Tim Green

Director of Finance

Will Duffin

Joint Medical Director, GP

Meet the Faculty

Aaron Gao

Emergency Medicine Registrar

Amy Webster

Senior Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Emergency Medicine

Andy Hughes

Remote Area Paramedic

Barry Mckenna

Portfolio GP & Expedition Doctor

Ben Cooper

Emergency Nurse Practitioner, Emergency Department Charge Nurse, WEM Patron

Ben Lyon

Combat Medic & Paramedic

Benjamin Watts

Advanced Retrieval Practitioner

Beth Moos

GP, Tropical Medicine, WHO Consultant

Burjor Langdana

NHS Dentist, Wilderness Expedition Dentistry, Expedition & Wilderness Medicine

Cat Burford


Clare Fitchett

Expedition Medic, Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care

Charlie Fleury

Emergency Medicine Doctor & Ocean Rower

Chris Imray

Consultant Vascular & Renal Transplant Surgeon, Professor, Expedition & Wilderness Medicine

Claire Grogan

Doctor in Emergency Medicine

Danielle Brining

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Ski Patroller, Dive Physician, & Expedition Medic

Dave Gregory


Daniel Grace

Portfolio GP, Travel Health Physician

Deb Swann

Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine, Expedition Medic

Donna Finnis


Elizabeth Wood

GP and expedition medic

Ella du Breuil


Emily Foyle

International Nurse Co-ordinator, Critical Care, Tropical Medicine, Aeromedicine

Emma Figures

Global Health & Humanitarian Medicine, Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, Assistant Professor

Ffyon Davies

A&E Doctor

Gemma Aldridge

Nurse & Mountain Leader

Hannah Kittson

Specialty Doctor in Emergency Medicine

Hannah Lock

Emergency Medicine Registrar and High Altitude Expedition Doctor

Hareen De Silva


Isla Wormald

Specialty Registrar in Emergency & Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine, Mountain & Polar Medicine Doctor

Jamie Pattison

Paramedic, Mountain Rescue Medic

Jim Walmsley

Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care

Jackie Gibb

Janet Towers


Jen Sherman

Jenny Dart

Mountaineering & Climbing Instructor and Mountain Rescue Casualty Carer & Dysphagia Specialist

John Apps

GP, Search & Rescue, Wilderness Medic

Jim Moonie

Expedition Medicine, Desert & Jungle Environments, Emergency Medicine Consultant

Kasper Jæger

Guide & Expedition Leader

Kathy Wilson

Emergency Dental Care

Kendal Andreason

Professional Lead for Acute and Emergency Care

Laura McArthur

GP, Remote Healthcare, Emergency Medicine

Laura Penhaul

High Performance Sports & Expeditions, Physiotherapist, Performance Consultant

Laura Jones

Global Staff Health Advisor, Diver Medic, Clinical Educator

Laura Thomson

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Lizzie Thorne

ED & GP Doctor

Lucy Coulter

Emergency Medicine Consultant, Remote & Pre-Hospital Medicine

Luca Alfatti

Advanced Paramedic, Extreme Wilderness Medicine, Hostile Environments

Luke Stevens

Specialist Neuro & Critical Care Physiotherapist, UIAA/ICAR/ISMM Diploma in Mountain Medicine

Lucy Williams

Paediatric Nurse, Tropical Nursing, Infectious Diseases

Marcus Stevens

General Practitioner & Expedition Doctor

Matt Walton

Emergency Medicine Doctor, Hypothermia & Altitude Medicine

Nikki Hewitt

Advanced Paramedic Practitioner, Lead Rescue Paramedic

Nikki McLeary

Adventure & Human Performance Scientist, WEM Science/Project Lead

Paddy Mitton

Expedition Doctor, Polar & Mountain Medicine, Emergency Medicine

Pavandeep Singh

Ophthalmic Surgeon, NAEMT Instructor, Close Protection Operative

Rebecca Marcussen-Lewis

Clinical Midwife

Rich Wain-Hobson

GP & Emergency Medicine SAS Doctor

Scott King

Tactical Care Paramedic Instructor

Shawna Pandya

Physician, Aquanaut, Scientist-Astronaut candidate

Sophie Boles

Anaesthetics Trainee

Steve Jones

Expeditions Manager, Field Operations Manager, Polar Expeditions

Taryn Anderson

Remote Area Nurse, Public Health & Tropical Medicine, WHO Clinical Coordinator

Tony Cavanagh

Advanced Paramedic Practitioner

Tom Roffe-Silvester

Veterinary Surgeon, Managing Director of Veterinary Task Force & Exped Vet

Wayne Auton

Advanced Retrieval Practitioner, Search & Rescue, Mountain Rescue

Zoe Clift

Burns & Plastics Physiotherapist

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