Expedition Medicine is supporting Helen Skelton, presenter on Blue Peter, attempt to be the first woman to kayak the Amazon and here is the latest progress report on 18th February.

All are well here now. Helen and I have managed to avoid the D+V. 
It’s been an eventful week in Helen Skelton’s Amazon adventure. We started with Carnaval in the city of Manaus where the entire crew had to dress up and dance around a specially built Samba drome in the pouring rain. Leaving Manaus we reached the meeting of the Amazon with the Rio Negra, the biggest tributary of the Amazon. One is brown and the other is black and the waters don’t mix for several miles. A helicopter was chartered to film this event and the team were buzzing after this exciting milestone. Next came an unwanted drama with several members of the local and UK crew being affected by a viral gastroenteritis. It started with one of the kitchen staff and, despite working hard at the usual strict hygiene measures, it spread to several others. Fortunately Helen (and I) have been ok so far. The latest drama was the sinking of our support boat in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Nobody was on board at the time and after several hours of hard work it was resurrected but it had to be fixed up at a boat yard upstream of our location so this cost a whole day of paddling for Helen. She’s back on track now, has just clocked 1500 miles and is going as strong as ever.
Rain’s coming so I’ll be off. Lucy x