New courses coming up

'Wild Medicine' a conservation medicine course
‘Wild Medicine’ a conservation medicine course

April 2012 see’s the launch of a major new conference/ EXPO 15 – 18 April.  Hosted at the Royal Society of Medicine will be a collection of some of the leading experts in the extreme medicine world taking part in the first International ‘Extreme Medicine’ Conference and EXPO – details are due out very soon and tickets are limited so make sure you take advantage of the ‘early bird’ discounts to secure yours. International World Extreme Medicine Conference & EXPO.

Medicine on the wild side.    Fancy exploring how disease is transmitted from animals to humans and visa versa – then this unique course, the first of its type, might be of interest. It will be based in Namibia and involve working with leopards, cheetahs, lions and wild dogs next June, more on this in early July. Pre Register your interest here

Antarctica. In association with Linblad Expeditions and National Geographic we will be launching an Antarctic Medical Conference for December 2012 aboard the National Geographic Explorer visiting the Antarctic Peninsula – details to be released end of June.  Antarctic Medical Conference.

Antarctic Medical Conference
Antarctic Medical Conference