EWMi – Would you like to be the next University Liaison for Expedition & Wilderness Medicine?

How time passes by quickly! It seems that I only started my role as the University Liaison last week!

In fact it has been over 2 years now – and what a journey I have had being part of the Expedition & Wilderness Medicine (EWM) Team. Now, that’s not to say I am just off yet – I don’t qualify until next May (2013)…but we are beginning to start our search for the next University Liaison for Expedition & Wilderness Medicine EWMi– our ‘career intern’.

I guess if you are reading this, you might be interested in what the role involves. That’s a difficult question to answer fully as EWM’s work will have you dipping in and out of lots of different, exciting task. I have however broken it down into six key areas:

1.                   Developing links with university wilderness medical societies and beyond

This is the key role – developing our relationships with students. This is mainly introducing yourself and EWM by email to the University Wilderness Medical Societies and keeping them aware of what we are up to, if there are student discounts or articles of interest for their members.

2.                   Supporting EWM developments online

EWM is constantly developing and growing. As a result, often there are exciting plans and outlines by email to read over and give your input on. For example, for me as University Liaison, the biggest development was the World Extreme Medicine Conference.

3.                   Write articles for EWM

EWM always want fresh perspective on any and all aspects of expedition medicine. It is an opportunity to share your particular passion with 5,000 plus EWM online members. Often you may be asked to write a review of an event or conference. For example, I wrote this ‘student perspective’ article after the World Extreme Medicine Conference: http://www.expeditionmedicine.co.uk/blog/2012/04/world-extreme-medicine-conference-2012-the-student-angle/

4.                   Support on site at the UK courses

EWM run courses in the UK multiple times a year. It is a great opportunity to experience the courses, help out with its general duties and be part of the EWM team. I can guarantee you will go away having learned a thing or two!

5.                   Assist in organising the World Extreme Medicine Conference & EXPO

As EWM continues to develop its exciting World Extreme Medicine series there are often lots to do and it is a brilliant way to get involved. For example you might be asked to research potential speakers, exhibitors, venues and then – be on site helping run the conference as part of the EWM Conference Team. A very enriching experience I assure you.

6.                   Communicate with leading remote medical professionals on behalf of EWM

You are a representative of EWM and as that you have the opportunity to reach out to some very experienced medical professionals in the expedition medicine fields on their behalf. You may also find people or companies or expeditions that EWM is unaware of and bring them to your attention. Win-Win!

There is no doubt that being the University Liaison is a role that requires more than a medical knowledge – EWM will be looking for someone who has a head for and an interest in business. Furthermore I often get asked the demands of time. It has its busy and its quieter periods but you know what – it is entirely manageable. If you have good time-management skills and like to keep busy – you’ll have no problem at all.

Right, that is probably enough information to wet your appetite!

To get details on how to apply click on the link below and scroll down to ‘Career Interns’:


I very much look forward to hearing from you!

With very best wishes,


University Liaison for Expedition & Wilderness Medicine