Feedback from the field….

We were privileged and honoured to hear from a former course attendee who had the following to say about his experience on an Expedition & Wilderness CourseKeswick Expedition Medicine

For the last two months, I have been working as a Remote Site Medic in Southeast Turkey. On 15/09, one of our Helo’s received heavy automatic fire in an attempt by rebels to shoot it down on a remote LZ. This resulted in a downed helo and Mass Casualty Incident in which I medevaced out 4 patients, one Critical via both Air and Ground. Although the MCI ran exceptionally well as we had been training for exactly such an event, we were evacuated from the site. 2 days later, 45 min before  my convoy to depart with the last group, a soldier took a round thru the chest from a sniper. A significant sucking chest wound/ Hemo vs Hemopneumo, our Helos had already evacuated which resulted in a 1.5 hour ground medevac out of the mountains while providing ALS in the back.

I attended your Expedition Med course in Keswick in March, and wanted to extend my appreciation for the training and lectures provided, as I found them quite relevant during this difficult week. Our team of mountaineers and I are now safely back in London, and upon last report both of my critical patients are alive after repeated surgical interventions.

Thank you,

Michael Jorgensen, PA-C, RN