Updates from Mountain Medicine course in Nepal led by Dr Luanne Freer

Our Mountain Medicine course heads for Nepal led by Everest ER founder Dr Luanne Freer, head medic for Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions Dr Martin Rhodes and world authority of frostbite and cold weather injuries vascular surgeon Prof Chris Imray.

Progress updates here and on the Expedition & Wilderness Facebook group

Updates; most recent on top


  1. We only got one Heli out -1/2 in lukla 1/2 back on ktm.  Will try again tomorrow morning.  Damn cyclone!
  2. Cyclone playing havoc with flights and all flights to lukla cancelled but not deterred EWM has hired all the available helicopters !!!
  3. The 2013 mountain medicine course is headed to lukla this morning!  We’ve amassed our considerable pile of gear and are negotiating the chaos of the ktm domestic terminal.  Lots of anxiety about the cyclone in Bay of Bengal (prayers to the people who are in the path of that storm) and it’s almost certain effects on the weather about to hit here – hope we all get landed at the trail head before rain rolls in!
  4. Just had group intros – everyone is here – we have 16 countries represented by our 30 participants!  Wow!  Well have some fun!

Join us next year in Nepal on the next Mountain Medicine course