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We spend our working lives building relationships with extraordinary individuals and organisations in the field of extreme medicine…

As a result, the quality of the speakers you’ll encounter at World Extreme Medicine & Expo is unparalleled. And they’ll be in London this October 26-29 to help you gain new skills, share their compelling insights and knowledge of the latest, proven-in-the-field medical techniques, and also to share their own inspiring stories.

Dr David Knott

Nott to be missed…

Known as the ‘Indiana Jones’ of surgery, Mr David Nott has worked in conflict zones for more than 20 years, and is renowned for both his compassion and his nerves of steel.


Good news for GoodSAM

News just in that the GoodSAM App co-created by Mr Mark Wilson – neurosurgeon and two-time World Extreme Medicine speaker – is set to feature on the BBC’s Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, later this year. The idea behind GoodSam is to get someone qualified on the scene within the first four to six minutes to manage the patient’s airways and improve survival rates. The app came about largely as a result of insights Wilson gained in his work as a pre-hospital care doctor with the London air ambulance service, and you can expect real-world insights aplenty from his talk.

Extreme Medicine Speaker

The British Doctor on the Ebola front line

Just announced for this year’s event is Dr Javid Abdelmoneim, whose profile as a medic and a humanitarian went global after his work with MSF in Sierra Leone last year became the subject of a BBC Panorama programme. Dr Abdelmoneim went on to deliver a hugely well-received TedX talk, and his insights into the Ebola crisis are helping to change the approach to the crisis.

Extreme Medicine Speaker

Snow forecast…

Also joining the line-up is Jon Snow, multi-award-winning journalist and Channel 4 news anchor for the last 25 years. Self-described as, “the most anti-establishment person [in the establishment] I know,” Snow is known for his intelligence, insight and strongly-held opinions on a range of humanitarian issues, and is never less than fascinating…

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