Ebola Imagery from UN photographer Rob Holden

(c) Rob HoldenThe Extreme Medicine Conference in 2015 will be featuring the unique work of photographers working within a humanitarian setting, working with MSF, UN Photographer Rob Holden, the Phoenix Foundation and WarChild, the conferences charity of the year.  Each individual and organisation will be presenting 20 images that will inspire, provoke thought but ultimately create a desire for change…

First we feature some of the photography from inspirational image maker Rob Holden from a series entitled ‘A Tribute to Health Workers’.

(c) Rob HoldenRob Holden is a documentary photographer who has been engaged with global humanitarian issues for the past 20 years. Through his work Rob strives to connect with real people and communicate a meaningful message. Working for a range of organisations such as the UK Government, the United Nations and NGO’s, he has operated most notably in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Kosovo, Liberia, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Nepal.

More recently, Rob spent several months in Ebola affected countries capturing images of health workers.  Men and women who often go unrecognised for the critical work they play, and are risking their own lives to save the sick and dying, and protect the healthy from infection.

Health workers are the most important aspect of any health service. No health workers means no health service. The photo exhibition is devoted to honouring the dedication, selflessness, bravery and critical role of health workers who endeavour to help others, often in challenging and dangerous environments.

For further information: www.robholdenphotography.com


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