EWM returns to Nepal for Mountain Medicine…

World Extreme Extreme Medicine Conference & Expo – Poster Competition!

We are now welcoming abstract submissions for the World Extreme Medicine Expo 2015 poster competition. Submissions are welcome from any healthcare professional at any stage of their career including students.   Posters must be based on the key topics of the Conference.

We’d like to see content of educational value  and we’d love to see new research ideas.

Abstract submissions must be no greater than 300 words and include, your name, occupation or subject of study and any professional affiliations.

For more information contact us a admin@expedition-medicine.com  and keep an eye out for more announcements in our newsletters.

Returning to Nepal

Mountain Medicine: Plans to head back to Nepal during November 8 – 25, 2015 are in full swing and we’re really excited! This 17 day expedition will be headed up by Dr Martin Rhodes and Dr Johns Apps who are both hugely experienced in Polar and Altitude environments.

Responsible travel to Nepal is now vital in helping the country get back on it’s feet and as ever we will be donating a portion of the proceed to Everest ER.

Spaces are strictly limited and we recommend getting in touch as soon as you can if you wish to secure your place on this amazing course. Click HERE for more details

The Cure – Season 4

Al Jazeera’s The Cure returns: Featuring World Extreme Medicine Conference speaker Javid Abdelmoneim,

The Cure sees medics working in resource poor environments performing truly amazing and innovative work. Journeying to the frontiers of world health from cutting edge scientific breakthroughs to advances in affordable healthcare for those who need it most.

To catch up with past episodes and learn more about The Cure follow THIS LINK.

If your interested in seeing Javid at the Conference click HERE to be take to the conference website

British Antarctic Survey dentist Burjor Langdana at the Expo

We are so excited that once again Burjor will be hour long practical dental treatment in remote location workshops during this year’s World Extreme Medicine Conference & Expo.

These workshops will be some of the most engaging, exciting and lively sessions you are likely to be involved in. There will be an energy and level of excitement that few but Burj can deliver. For more information on dentistry workshops contact us HERE.

Job opportunities

DDRC Healthcare – Combined Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine / Emergency Medicine.
DDRC and Derriford hospital are currently seeking applications for two junior / middle grade doctors for six months posts, one commencing February and the second in August 2016. Applicants must have two years experience post qualification and have full registration (or be eligible) with the GMC. Successful candidate will be provided with training in Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine and will be funded to enrol in the Postgraduate Certificate in Remote Healthcare at Plymouth University. Check out THIS LINK for more information on this exciting opportunity.

Offer Terms & Conditions*
Limited time and supply | not combinable with other offers | offers ends midnight 31st July 2015 |