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Medical Innovation in Remote Medicine

We have shortlisted 6 Hackathon Challenges for Extreme Medicine ’15 – which one do you vote for?Remote medicine innovation

Simply reply with 1, 2 etc to indicate your favourite – please also feel free to make suggestions – if we feel they are better than ours, you might find yours taken up!!!

1. Small deployable surgical system for disasters and military units; a ‘Theatre in a Box kit’ that could be used for almost any surgical intervention
2. Single water disinfection system for 4 – 4000 litres
3. Portable cold chain for storing vaccine and blood supplies
4. Autonomous, pocket-sized diagnostic system for patient/ casualty transfers for ECG, BP, SATS…
5. Small portable O2 system which doesn’t explode!!
6. Access to personal hygiene and simple medications in immigration camps in Calais

To Vote: Please visit the WEM Facebook page, why not ‘lie’ us at the same time!!

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