Two New Extreme Medicine Articles Published in The Lancet

We’re delighted that long standing friend and collaborator of World Extreme Medicine, Professor Chris Imray has successfully co-authored two relevant and contemporary articles in the Extreme Medicine series, published in the latest issue of The Lancet.

By sharing their thoughts and experiences, Chris Imray and his co-authors have produced a primary academic reference for Extreme Medicine, reinforcing all that we here at WEM have advocated for years.  The Lancet articles now give “medicine in the extremes”  the academic credibility and international platform for discussion, this emergent sub-speciality so rightly deserves.

‘I am delighted that these two papers are now in press. I think they reflect many of the sentiments and thrust of the hugely successful World Extreme Medicine Conferences.’  Professor Chris Imray..

  • Extreme medicine >
    • Summary Excerpt “Extreme, expedition, and wilderness medicine are modern and rapidly evolving specialties that address the spirit of adventure and exploration. The relevance of and interest in these specialties are changing rapidly to match the underlying activities, which include global exploration, adventure travel, and military deployments. Extreme, expedition, and wilderness medicine share themes of providing best available medical care in the outdoors, especially in austere or remote settings”.
  • Pre-hospital care
    • Pre-hospital care is emergency medical care given to patients before arrival in hospital after activation of emergency medical services. It traditionally incorporated a breadth of care from bystander resuscitation to statutory emergency medical services treatment and transfer. New concepts of care including community paramedicine, novel roles such as emergency care practitioners, and physician delivered pre-hospital emergency medicine are re-defining the scope of pre-hospital care.