Prof. Chris Imray, world expert on cold weather injuries to join Polar Medicine Faculty

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Snow Sports Injuries

The Adventure Medic have recently published the ‘Practical Approach to Snowsports Injuries (Part II)’. The second in a series of articles by Dr Edi Albert, explores knee and shoulder injuries discussing how the approach of a ski doctor may differ from a hospital-based doctor or surgeon.

To learn more about Polar Medicine join Chris Imray, world renowned cold injuries expert and lead author of the recent Extreme, expedition and wilderness medicine article published by the Lancet.Alongside Chris we’re sending an expert faculty of seasoned polar medics and travellers teaching how to survive, provide medical care and function as part of a team in such a harsh environment.

If camping out in snowholes and challenging your limits with cold water immersion excites you, snap up one of the last Polar Medicine places.

Part I of Dr Alberts’ series.

White Mars

EWM faculty member Dr Alex Kumar and Extreme Medicine speaker Dr Mike Barratt talk to CNN about the effect of extreme isolation on the human body.

Alex Kumar recalls his time with the European Space Agency discussing the physiological changes which occurred while facing extreme isolation in the world’s most hostile, monotonous and challenging environments, Antarctica. While Mike Barratt backs up Alex’s comments adding his findings and experiences from NASA’s human research programme.

CNN – The closest thing on Earth to a Mission to Mars

‘Survivor’ selects EWM to provide medical backup

Home to the world’s most adventurous medics, we’re proud to announce we’ve been selected as the medical operations provider for the Emmy Award-winning US reality show, “Survivor.”

Mark Hannaford, Managing Director of Expedition & Wilderness Medicine and the Extreme Medicine Conference series explains;

“At Expedition & Wilderness Medicine, we excel in providing medical back-up in challenging locations, so we’re delighted to support contestants and crew on one of the world’s longest running reality TV shows. We have the world’s largest network of medics equipped to work in remote and austere locations and look forward to developing a great working relationship with the amazing team at Survivor.”

Be prepared

‘Our Trauma workshop enables a more resilient, effective and efficient approach treating acutely injured and unwell patients. The focused patient assessment and stepwise approach enables the optimal treatment to the critical patient in the shortest time frame.’

Take a look at a workshop scenario in action and let Advance Paramedic, Eoin Walker explain what going on.

Held in a London Ambulance Service training facility, we have access to the best equipment, emergency vehicles and training spaces offering realistic scenarios to mimic the pressures of pre-hospital care.

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