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MSc and Diploma in Expedition Medicine; not limited to one extreme

The world’s first International Diploma & MSc in Extreme Medicine, a collaborative project between World Extreme Medicine and the University of Exeter Medical School isn’t focused on a single extreme its looks at all of them and it varied pathways means that you are able to follow your specific interest leading to a Diploma in Expedition Medicine or a Diploma in Humanitarian Medicine.

The program prepares its students for the diverse medical fields of expedition, humanitarian, disaster and space medicine through didactic teaching combined with experiential residential courses presented by a world-class faculty aiming to inspire but also provide training and tools that will benefit your everyday medical career.

With the increased awareness of global burdens such as humanitarian crises and sudden onset disasters, more than ever there is a need to be delivering healthcare in highly complex and demanding situations.

This unique programme is delivered in partnership between the University of Exeter Medical School and World Extreme Medicine, the world’s leading provider of specialist training courses for medics taking their skills into challenging environments.

This is medicine at its best, crossing geographical and professional boundaries.


International Diploma/ MSc in Extreme Medicine at the University of Exeter Medical School delivered in collaboration with World Extreme Medicine

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Diploma in Expedition and Extreme Medicine