The amazing ‘Eddie the Eagle’ is joining us for WEMski 2018


When it comes to announcing one of the key speakers at WEMski this man needs no introductions…. He is, of course, Britain’s most loveable ski jumper the infamous Eddie ‘the eagle’ Edwards.

Eddie captured the nation’s hearts at the ’88 Winter Olympics in Calgary for his ‘can-do’ attitude and sheer determination and we’re sure he will do the same at WEMski, sharing his many experiences on and off the slopes, plus inspiring winter tales from around the world. Eddie, alongside our other key speakers and guests, will help you further understand real-world experiences of extreme physical and psychological challenges as well as impacts of stressors, and for an athlete, it doesn’t get more stressful than competing in an Olympic Games.

As any Olympic athlete will tell you, the training and participation in an Olympic Games is an extremely challenging experience both mentally and physically. Pushing your body to the extreme, and in the case of Eddie and other winter sport Olympians, putting yourself in potentially dangerous and life-threatening situations in the pursuit of victory, even if personal success doesn’t equal a place on a podium.

Eddie is no stranger to requiring medical assistance on the mountains having suffered 30 injuries throughout his career, some of them life-changing. Eddie has damaged a kidney and fractured many bones, including his skull, twice, and so has first-hand experience of how important extreme medicine can be when you find yourself injured and incapacitated on the side of a mountain.

If a week of networking and learning from amazing and inspirational medics as well as exceptional experts in extreme physical and psychological areas sounds like fun (plus don’t forget about the free time to hit the slopes) – book your WEMski place today!