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Expedition Dentists – an online resource from WEM Faculty Burjor Langdana

If you are an Expedition Dentist its been challenging when looking for online resources until recently when World Extreme Medicine Conference speaker and faculty former British Antarctic Survey Dentist Burjor Langdana published the first FOAM online resource specifically targeted at this omission..


  • A one stop resource for Expedition medics & dentists.
  • A source to download  hand outs and slides following our Hands On Workshops.
  • Guidance on building up Expedition Dental kits .
  • A point of contact to solve dental issues.
  • Expedition Dentists in future can look out for adventurous & interesting jobs. WED will attempt to collate all these jobs here and give you a chance to review them .

Expedition Dentist – an FOAM online resource.

WED Founder. Wilderness and Expedition Dentistry Tutor  (UK)

Burjor is one of the past consultant dentists for the British Antarctic Survey Medical Unit and faculty member at World Extreme Medicine (Expedition & Wilderness Medicine).   He is also the resident expedition dentist for AdventureMedic . Burj has years of experience in Expedition/ Wilderness and Remote Access Dentistry. He is a tutor for;

He gained this interest while running numerous dental camps in remote parts of India (where he did his Masters in Oral Surgery) and while working in the Sultanate of Oman. He gained further experience through supporting 4 seasons in the Antarctic, working as a VSO dentist in Malawi and with Mobile Surgical Services in New Zealand.

Burjor is a regular contributor to the Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Core Skills Course and also the world’s largest gathering of extreme medics the ‘World Extreme Medicine Conference’ held annually in November and is on the faculty of the International Diploma & MSc program at the Russel Group Exeter University Medical School.