NASA Astronauts to make history with the first all-female spacewalk

This International Women’s Day, we’re shining a light on the females who are showing us that when it comes to your dreams, the sky really isn’t the limit – space is!

Yesterday, NASA announced that the first all-female spacewalk will take place later this month, 35 years after Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to carry out a spacewalk back in 1984.


And the future of female space travel and research looks bright. Check out this testimony from Daisy Clark, who attended the ESA’s Space Health Week as part of the International Diploma & MSc in Extreme Medicine…

The ESA Space Health Week was such a fantastic opportunity to learn from an amazing group of people at the forefront of the space industry. We got to visit the DLR and European astronaut centre and learn about some of the research studies that are currently being undertaken.

The week was brilliant and was broken down into a great mix of lectures and hands-on practicals, plus discussions with a flight surgeon and an astronaut – how many people can say they have done that!?

 We were lucky enough to see a live feed of the current astronauts in microgravity during our tour of the European astronaut centre and even heard some dialogue between the crew and ground teams. The week was truly amazing and was one of the many highlights of the Masters Programme.


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