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Thinking of a Jungle-based medical career?

Join us in the stunning Costa Rican tropical rainforest for a fully immersive, action packed jungle experience. This thrilling, practical 7-day course gives you the opportunity to experience and become fully immersed in a jungle environment. You’ll kick off your epic adventure by white water rafting into camp, trek through the jungle taking in the beautiful scenery, as well as experience an overnight stay in your own self-made camp.

Led by our expert team, all of whom bring a phenomenal amount of expertise and knowledge of jungle and tropical environments, you’ll learn the essential medical skills required to care for and treat illnesses and injuries common to this harsh environment, plus basic navigation and camp craft skills for use in this complex training environment.

The course enables attendees to:

  • Increase their knowledge about Jungle Medicine and equip medics with practical survival skills, an overview of tropical medicine, logistical knowledge and pre-hospital skills required on a jungle expedition all while immersed in the environment
  • Acquire and develop specific survival skills for Jungle Medicine and standard operating procedures applicable to a jungle environment
  • Develop leadership and decision making skills required when working in resource-limited environments
  • Enhance knowledge and skills relating to understanding, diagnosing and treating heat related illness and hydration
  • Improve environmental awareness enabling a greater ability to plan, risk assess and set yourself up fro successful expeditions in one of the world’s most challenging climates

What will l learn on the Jungle Medicine course?
Through hands-on (learning by doing) workshops and scenarios, this highly practical course is supported by a comprehensive curriculum of tropical medicine, logistical knowledge and pre-hospital skills, taught through lectures and fully immersive workshops. You’ll cover a range of topics, such as managing snake, scorpion and spider envenomations, primary survey and basic navigation in the jungle, casevac drills as well as managing fever in the tropics, all preparing you for expeditions, work and micro-adventures in tropical and jungle environments.

How could attending the Jungle Medicine course further my career?
Our Jungle Medicine course is a great introduction into specific jungle expeditions as well as longer expeditions or even taking on a medical role within this unique environment. Attending this course will give you a unique set of skills, plus an appreciation of how triple canopy can affect casevac (extracting casualties), navigation, planning & execution of care.

Who would benefit from attending this course?
Jungle Medicine offers an exciting combination of medical practice in a tropical environment, so any Medical or Allied Health Professional who is involved in medicine in the outdoors and is interested or considering accompanying a tropical or jungle expedition would benefit the most. If you are willing to think and work outside your comfort zone this is a great course for you.

With the role of an expedition medic requiring many skills, our Jungle Medicine course offers the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and enhance your expedition knowledge as well as focus on tropical medicine and survival skills in the extreme.

Don’t just take our word for how amazing this course is, Kevin, a 2019 Jungle Medicine course attendee said:

I took the course in 2019 and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Excellent blend of teaching and practical skills that really boosted my confidence in pursuing a career in expeditionary medicine

Where else in the world could you receive such hands-on experience, be part of a unique learning opportunity and have an adventure of a lifetime. To find out more and to experience our Jungle Medicine course for yourself, please click here.

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