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Set sail and join our ground-breaking Ocean Medicine Course

As the human race continues to seek new challenges and experiences an aquatic environment offers a vast playground of extreme adventures, and in turn employment opportunities for extreme medicine specialists. Our unique ‘Ocean Medicine’ course is specifically designed to prepare you to operate safely and competently in this exciting setting.

Packed full of practical workshops, real-time scenarios, and interactive lectures this ground-breaking programme includes an understanding of conditions likely to occur during a marine based expedition, oceanic sporting event, or extreme off-shore race. In addition, the learning is applicable to any aquatic environment covering the basics such as CPR adaptations for drowning victims to the serious considerations of working on an isolated Antarctic ship and all the logistical medical planning that would require. There is a heavy emphasis on situational awareness, human factors and incident management during emergency situations.

As with all the World Extreme Medicine courses, our aim is to provide a practical training course that endeavours to make those attending more comfortable adapting their medical skills for austere environments.

Our Ocean Medicine courses aim to enable attendees to

  • Be better equipped and confident in providing the right assessment and treatment when in an aquatic environment both above and below the water.
  • Acquire and develop extreme medicine skills that can be used in any challenging environment as well as specific skills applicable to marine medicine.
  • Enhance knowledge and skills relating to understanding, diagnosing and treating common medical conditions, trauma, and marine specific considerations prevalent to this environment.
  • Understand and develop the non-technical skills required in an aquatic environment such as situational awareness, communication, medical kits, plus evacuation and rescue scenarios.

What will I learn on an Ocean Medicine Course?
The main focus will be around casualty care in ocean and marine settings, including dive medicine. While secondary skill sets will include expedition planning, situational awareness, rib driving and boat management, fire response, helicopter protocols, knots and navigation. Plus, a series of workshops and lectures designed to underpin this (mostly practical course) with theoretical understanding.

You’ll be immersed in practical scenarios that have real-world application and have the opportunity to network with our expert faculty who between them have extensive aquatic-based experience. There is also the option to be introduced to cold water immersion one evening and go for a morning swim as the sun rises

Who should attend this course?
Anyone who would like to operate and provide medical support in an aquatic setting, or any outdoor environment, that involves water whether sea or freshwater.

If you need any further guidance, read our blog ‘Ocean Medicine Course: Take your medical career in a new direction’ for more reasons why attending could be perfect for you!

 WEM Founder, Mark Hannaford says:

“We’ve pulled together a team with a wide range of specialisms and experiences because the world’s oceans – and the medical conditions that we have to prepare for – vary so much.

Our aim is to combine lectures, workshops and discussions with hands-on experiences on land and at sea to give course participants insight into the things that can go wrong when diving, ocean rowing, swimming or sailing.

The UK, and the South West especially, has a proud history of oceanic exploration and we’re certainly still a world leader in terms of maritime expertise. The fact that we’ve been able to pull together such a diverse but experienced team is testament to this country’s seafaring past.”

Our Ocean Medicine Course also comes highly recommended from past course attendees:

Had such a brilliant time on this course last year. Heading off to be an expedition medic in a remote diving environment next week and feel prepared after this course. Can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Sarah-Anne, Ocean Medicine – May 2019

Join us in Brixham; learn with this incredibly experienced and knowledgeable team and be part of something amazing. Book your place today!

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