A Call to Arms for all Extreme Medics!




An invisible enemy is at our gates.

And with it, the single greatest global humanitarian crisis in a hundred years. 

History reminds us that those fearless women and men who came before us withstood the spearhead of disease, facing it on the field at greater disadvantage than we do today.

They lacked the resources, knowledge, understanding and communication that we do now.

They fought an invisible enemy, blind and in darkness.

Yet – in that darkness, armed with courage, perseverance and unyielding community they sparked a light.

They fought tirelessly. They fought fearlessly. They fought together.

Light bloomed.

And humanity thrived.

Their monumental efforts armed and prepared us better than we could ever have hoped.

Because not only do we possess that self-same fearlessness, tirelessness and togetherness

But their battle armed us with resources, knowledge, understanding and the most powerful weapon in our arsenal – our secret weapon – instant communication on a global scale.

And we’ve learned to wield that weapon with unyielding dexterity.

We will harness it, together with our fellow medics around the world, to do our part and help illuminate the path to victory.

WEM’s tactics have, therefore, adapted…

All courses are postponed until further notice.

Those men and women are needed elsewhere right now.

Instead, we will turn our undivided attention to the heroic front-line troops; arming them with freely available online content, including training resources and invaluable tools, provided by leading experts across multiple disciplines that form the ranks of extreme medicine.

Over the weeks, we will stock our WEM Academy and WEMcast armouries with potent video and audio podcasts that focus on mental health, resilience, psychological impacts, human factors, leadership and self-care – each inspired by countless successful expeditions to remote locations, survival in extreme environments and accomplishments during humanitarian crises.

Share your voice.

Sharing real-time situations can have a huge successful result

We understand that not many will have time to do this, but if possible, please share your stories, your encouragement and your expertise – when you can, however you can. Your insights and inside experiences, whether deep behind the lines, treading the trenches or supporting from the rear, will help to rally and bolster the resolve of those who need it now more than ever.

Instructions on how to share will be announced soon.

WEM20 ‘Inspiration Beyond the Ordinary’ will proceed as planned.

While it remains sensible and safe to do so.

Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh will still play host to #WEM20 from 17th – 19th October 2020. We will monitor the situation as it evolves and take necessary action if required. But, right now, we remain steadfast that you will get to benefit from our epic line-up of speakers and workshops – so long as it remains safe.

This pandemic only fortifies the vital importance of the World Extreme Medicine Conference; a place where the experiences shared are never ordinary, and the lessons learned are always extraordinary.

Right now, through communication and collaboration, we can wield the power of humanity to its extreme, protecting our friends, our families and all humankind from threat.

We will bring this war into the light.

And we will defeat it as one.

Mark Hannaford
WEM Founder & Honorary Associate Professor,
University of Exeter Extreme Medicine Program

NEW WEMcast episode: Eoin Walker and Will Duffin on Coronavirus Part 2: COVID-19 Discussions. Perspectives, Protection and Positive Mindsets

NEW WEMCast episode: Eoin Walker and Will Duffin - CoronavirusIn our latest podcast, Eoin (WEM Trauma Lead) and Will (WEM Education Lead and Conference Content Director) consider the potential impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on healthcare services, how this may force us to adapt and innovate, and contemplate the differing impacts this is having on their roles as a Paramedic and a GP.

The pair also discuss how we can apply tips, tricks and lessons learnt from working in remote and extreme environments to the current pressures facing the NHS.

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome – that’s what it’s all about!

Listen, share and let us know your thoughts! > https://bit.ly/2xIVGQd