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Introducing the FEWM Fellowship with NASA Astronaut Dr Mike Barratt

The FEWM Fellowship is introduced by lifelong student of extreme medicine NASA Astronaut and Flight Surgeon Dr Mike Barratt.

A fellowship built to serve a community of professionals committed to medicine in the most challenging environments.

World Extreme Medicine is excited to announce the FEWM Fellowship! (Fellowship Extreme and Wilderness Medicine).

This movement is OURS
And our time is NOW

What is it?
A standardised framework of experience, competencies, and values that denotes a benchmark for practitioners of Extreme Medicine.

What does it add?
This is a Fellowship like no other. A fresh approach, built to serve the dynamic, inclusive, and diverse global community of Extreme Medics from all walks of life.

It’s a fellowship that recognises and elevates the key members of this community: teachers, role models, and thought leaders who are forging the path for the next generation. You don’t need to be part of any existing ‘old boys’ network’ to join.

There’s no requirement to be nominated by an existing member. The criteria are clear and simple.

Whatever your background, wherever you are in the world, if YOU’ve made a significant contribution to the care of patients in extreme settings, YOU can apply.

Who can join?

All health workers and allied professions that directly support the delivery of medicine in extreme settings are eligible to apply. You will need to demonstrate how you meet the required level of competency and experience through an online application form.

What are the benefits?

– Become an integral part of a dynamic and cohesive global community
– Gain instant access to a network of like-minded, highly skilled professionals
– Use the post-nominals FEWM
– Gain full access to the closed FEWM forum
– Gain full access to the WEM Academy CPD platform
– Gain discounted access to WEM courses and conferences

What if I want to be part of this, but I don’t have enough experience quite yet?

There is also a ‘membership’ level for more junior clinicians and students who would like to be involved and find opportunities that will open the doors to an extreme career. You are entitled to many of the same benefits above, although members are not entitled to use the post-nominals ‘FEWM’.

For pricing and more information head to the FEWM website.

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