Challenges of Managing the Response to a Major Incident


22 November 2021, 19:30 GMT

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Challenges of Managing the Response to a Major Incident - 22 November 2021, 19:30 GMT

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Matt Bonner – Former Detective Superintendent, Met Homicide and Serious Crime Command

Session Aim

To explore the wider challenges that arise when leading a team responding to a major incident and the impact on all those involved – including casualties, communities and responders.


  • Conducting a Criminal Investigation in parallel to a DVI (Victim Recovery) process.
  • The impact of a prolonged investigation on all those affected by the incident.
  • What does staff welfare mean?

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • How to deal with initial (and potentially conflicting) priorities.
  • The importance of developing trust and confidence in the emergency response and subsequent investigation.
  • The diverse situations where secondary trauma can become a challenge.
  • Personal impact of leading a high profile investigation.
  • The importance of ‘living’ staff welfare and not just ‘saying’ it.

Matt Bonner Bio

Matt recently completed his service with the Metropolitan Police Service as a Detective Superintendent where for the last four years, he had the privilege of leading the Criminal Investigation following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in 2017 as the Senior Investigating Officer (SIO).

Matt’s detective pathway took him via a CID main office, to leading burglary and robbery teams, offender management teams and on to become a Senior Investigating Officer with the Metropolitan Police Homicide and Serious Crime Command – the archetypal “Scotland Yard Detective”.

Prior to his service with the MPS, Matt served with Hertfordshire Constabulary where he led on the development and implementation of an innovative approach to offender management and then supported the Police Service of Northern Ireland to successfully introduce a similar approach to policing in N. Ireland.

Alongside his role as an operational detective, he has also been involved in detective training throughout his career, leading on the delivery of senior detective training both locally and nationally and remains an associate trainer with the College of Policing for this purpose.

After an eventful career in policing, Matt is now the Head of Investigation Technology with Black Rainbow Consulting Group who deliver software solutions for law enforcement agencies and other investigative bodies globally.