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Why the Journey Matters with Malica Schmidt


Date: Thursday 14th July 2022 | 19:00 (BST)

Location: Online via immersive digital platform | Watch Live or On-demand

Malica is a researcher, engineer, architect, mountaineer, glider pilot, diver, and skydiver. She joins us discuss her unexpected journeys, inspirations, and what she learned along the way.

That journey has seen her become a Space Ambassador, Principal Investigator at the 35th DLR parabolic flight campaign, and Co-Investigator of a payload with SpaceX-23, currently on the International Space Station.

Plus, a Teaching Assistant, Public Speaker, and STEM Advocate, whilst presenting to diverse audiences in over 40 presentations, exhibited in London, Paris, Venice, and New York, and received 16 national and international awards.

Passionate about extreme environments, she has gained extensive experience in a variety of fields. From summiting Kilimanjaro, cave and rescue diving, skydiving, volunteering with the Royal Air Force, and being a Fellow of Extreme & Wilderness Medicine.

Malica thrives to push her professional and personal boundaries and continuously searches for the next adventure. Join us to find out exactly how she does this.