Ocean Medicine Training - Frequently Asked Questions

10 February 2020

We asked the World Extreme Medicine faculty, leading our Ocean Medicine Course, the answers to these frequently asked questions:

What is Ocean Medicine?
Ocean Medicine provides you with the opportunity to adapt your medical skills and gain the necessary secondary skill set to work in a very challenging environment. Not only in terms of the presenting clinical cases, but also because your ‘clinic’ will be moving, rolling, wet, possibly too cold or too hot, not to mention a confined space with limited kit!

What will I learn?

The main focus will be around casualty care in ocean and marine settings, including dive medicine. While secondary skill sets will include expedition planning, situational awareness, rib driving and boat management, fire response, helicopter protocols, knots and navigation. Plus, a series of workshops and lectures designed to underpin this (mostly practical course) with theoretical understanding.

You’ll be immersed in practical scenarios that have real-world application and have the opportunity to network with our expert faculty who between them have extensive aquatic-based experience. There is also the option to be introduced to cold water immersion one evening and go for a morning swim as the sun rises.

Who would benefit from attending an Ocean Medicine course?
Anyone that would like to operate in an aquatic environment (marine-based challenges, sporting events, ocean swims, extended sailing trips and expeditions) or an outdoor environment in general. Attendance on this course will instill confidence to work in an aquatic environment.

I’ve not done one of your courses before, can I still join?
You’ve got to start somewhere and this engaging, practically orientated and hugely informative Ocean Medicine course would be a great way to kickstart your extreme medicine career.

I’m new to medicine, is this for me?
Definitely for you, why wait when this course is ready to book? All the core skills such as enhanced decision making, leadership, communication, strategic thinking, confidence, and empathy can be applied to your everyday work. Don’t overthink it, just book and let us make sure you have a brilliant learning experience!

Do I have to get in the water?
No, not if you don’t want to. We encourage it so you can see the perspective of a patient, but it’s not a necessity.

I’m scared to drive a rib
Don’t be as you will be taught by qualified instructors before being let loose on the controls.

I really want to attend, but I’m shy
Our faculty are super nice, and you won’t be targeted to answers any questions unless you choose to volunteer.

How could attending further my career?
By attending a World Extreme Medicine course you have direct access to a well-connected expert faculty. As market leaders in preparing medical professionals to work in challenging environments we have many attendees who go on to work for World Extreme Medicine projects such as the U.S Survivor series or as faculty themselves. It opens up a whole range of new lucrative possibilities you may not have yet considered.

If you want to open up your medical career and mix adventure into your career, then this is the course for you! Book your place today. 

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