Ben Cooper


Ben has worked in the Accident and Emergency Department in Sheffield for over 20 years and is an A&E Department Charge Nurse and an Emergency Nurse Practitioner.

Ben’s pre-hospital care career started in 1993 when he started as an aspirant for Northumberland National Park Search and Rescue Team, he then moved to Sheffield in 1994 and joined Edale Mountain Rescue Team: one of Britain’s busiest, and is still an active member.

In 2001 he started working for Poles Apart as a location medic, assisting in providing film/TV location safety and medical support in extreme environments including Greenland and Iceland. Since 2004 his pre-hospital career went south to Antarctica with Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions (ALE), ALE’s field camp at Patriot Hills and then onto Union Glacier. Ben did six seasons with ALE. Union Glacier is home to one of the world’s most remote field hospitals. From there he has helped to provide medical and rescue cover to all expeditions skiing to the South Pole, climbing Mount Vinson, Antarctic Marathon and Ultra race, alongside escorting clients on flights to and from the South Pole.

Ben has been a member of the medical teaching faculty since 2008. Teaching and directed on many of the UK and European courses specialising in their Polar Medicine course in Arctic Norway since 2009. Ben has lectured on the International World Extreme Conferences from the Royal Society of Medicine in London to the recent Conferences in Edinburgh.

I was made a member of the WEM Patron and Advisory Board in 2016 and then appointed Honorary Clinical Research Fellow, University of Exeter Medical School, Master programme in Extreme Medicine.