Catherine Buckland


Being born inland in the UK didn’t stop Catherine from developing a love for the water and sea. She began sailing at an early age and completed longer sea voyages as she got older. Her maritime interests meant it wasn’t a huge leap to start scuba diving.

Catherine is a commercial diving instructor and diver medic based in Plymouth, on the south coast of England. Diving year-round, she trains commercial divers, including teams from the British Antarctic Survey and UK military. She participates in various scientific, filmmaking and expedition projects around the globe. These challenging environments also utilise her skills as a medic and in handling complex logistics.

Catherine’s work in the Arctic and Antarctic involves supervising divers in a harsh and demanding environment. Her years of experience in diving supervision are an added benefit to working in a location with very limited medical help. Catherine’s experience and dedication is focused on keeping the divers in her teams as safe as possible.

A love for the sea and an interest in hyperbaric medicine has led to her current profession, where she is always looking for new challenges.