Chris Imray


Chris is a Consultant Vascular and Renal Transplant Surgeon at UHCW NHS Trust, and also a Professor at Warwick Medical School, Coventry University and Exeter University. He has lectured to Expedition & Wilderness Medicine students on frostbite and high altitude and offers phone or email support on the subject to expedition medics.

Chris started climbing whilst at school and has continued to travel all over the world to indulge this passion. His interest in altitude research began when working with the Birmingham Medical Research Expeditionary Society. More recently he’s been involved with the UCL team at CASE.

Having been one of the medical officers taking part in the 2006 Xtreme Cho Oyu expedition to Tibet, Chris went on in 2007 to be the Deputy Climbing Leader of the Caudwell Xtreme Everest Expedition. He summited both Cho Oyu (8201m) and Everest (8848m), and has the dubious distinction of having the second-lowest arterial gases ever recorded in an adult (at 8,400m)!

Chris has a Diploma in Mountain Medicine and his mountain medical interests include frostbite, non-freezing cold injuries, extreme altitude physiology and the brain at high altitude. Along with Dr Paul Richards and Dr Dave Hillebrandt, he runs the UK internet-based frostbite service.