Kirsty Morgan

Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine

Kirsty is a Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine who trained in London, Cornwall and New Zealand and now works in Scotland.

Kirsty has diverse experience of medicine in a variety of austere environments, from Rwanda to Antarctica, as well as previously training as a firefighter in rural New Zealand.

Kirsty has a particular interest in applying her medical skills to the benefit of conservation and environmental organisations and activism groups.  She co-ordinates the medical provision for Sea Shepherd, a direct-action marine conservation movement that operates 9 ships worldwide.  She has spent many months at sea over the last few years providing medical cover onboard these ships from the tropics to Antarctica, disrupting and preventing illegal whaling and fishing.

Closer to home she provides RIB piloting and medical support for Sea Shepherd UK’s work to remove ghostnets from UK waters.

Kirsty also provides regular medical support to activist camps and protests.  Kirsty is ‘dual-qualified’ as a Marine Mammal Medic with British Divers Marine Life Rescue, providing first aid and rescue to injured seals, dolphins, and whales on the Scottish coast. Kirsty has co-authored and teaches ‘Rapid Response Adventure Medicine’: a Wilderness Medicine First Aid Course for adventurous non-medics and first aiders.

Kirsty’s main area of expertise is at sea but you won’t find her far from the mountains either!