Martin Rhodes


Martin Rhodes, unimaginatively but happily known as Doc Martin, or Budo Baagh (Old Tiger) to his Nepali friends, has been part of the WEM Team for more than a decade.

He has forty +, years of expedition experience and has made Wilderness Medicine his career. Having trained in Paediatrics, Adult A&E and General Practice in the Centre of the Outdoor Universe (Sheffield), he has climbed, skied, trekked, lived and taught all over the world.

He lived in the French Pyrenees for 10 years where he worked as a PGHM doctor, and a long while back was a Team Leader of Edale Mountain Rescue Team, where he met Ben Cooper, his WEM partner in crime.

He has been Medical Director of Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions since its beginnings in 2003. He is on the Faculty of the UK Diploma of Mountain Medicine, and until recently led the Alpine Skills Final Module.

He has spent 15 seasons in Antarctica and is beginning to get to know the Himalayas having made thirty odd expeditions there.

He wrote the Polar Medicine chapter in “Auerbach”, but prefers getting out doing things rather than writing about them.

Now based back in Sheffield, he keeps the GMC happy with A&E locums in Barnsley and in the Scottish Islands.