Nikki McLeary

Sports Scientist

Nikki has a background in Sports Science, Human Performance and Science Publishing previously working with elite extreme athletes such as Vendee Globe sailors and Formula 1 drivers in the areas of sleep, stress, nutrition and fitness. She then spent 15 years overseas, across multiple locations, operating her own adventure science company concentrating on the environments of Winter Mountain, Desert and Ocean.

She is the founder of R.R.A.M (a training platform for non-medics to learn life-saving skills for remote travel) and an Honorary Senior Lecturer (Sports & Health Sciences) at Exeter University with the purpose of developing training programmes for field scientists operating in challenging environments.  She is also working to complete her MSc in Extreme Medicine at Exeter University Medical School.

Nikki has numerous published articles in outdoor adventure publications on the topic of physiology and psychology in extremes. She is also a qualified Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician, but she isn’t a pirate… yet.