Steve Jones


Steve has been a member of the World Extreme Medicine faculty for 12 years lecturing on communications, security and safety management planning. He has spoken on the main stage and runs training workshops at numerous International World Extreme Medicine Conferences.

Steve is the Expeditions Manager in charge of expedition planning for Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions LLC (ALE).

For six years he was their Field Operations Manager in charge of ALE’s operations in Antarctica. He is an expert on polar expeditions, expedition planning and safety management. As a polar guide, he has led groups to both North and South Geographic Poles and on expeditions to Alaska, Arctic Canada, Greenland and Spitsbergen. He acts as a consultant to extreme adventures all over the World, advises on safety management and crisis management based on his personal experiences of twenty years of operations management, treating casualties, a terrorist bombing in London and coordinating a three-day rescue of five stranded climbers on the Vinson Massif in Antarctica in 2006.

He was an Expedition Leader for Raleigh International for seven years and planned and managed over eighty conservation, community and adventure projects for Raleigh International with project partners ranging from CARE International, Save The Children, to National Park Authorities and the Natural History Museum.

As a climber, he enjoys remote expeditionary mountaineering and has climbed in Antarctica, the Russian Caucasus in winter, reached the summit of Denali three times, made twelve first ascents in Greenland, has climbed on Mount Logan, and on three expeditions to the Karakoram.

Steve is a contributor to all 3 editions of the Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine and a regular speaker and chair of the polar panel at the Royal Geographical Society’s expedition planning weekends.