Taryn Anderson

Remote Area Nurse

Taryn is a qualified nurse who trained in Australia and spent the first part of her career working as a Nursing Officer in the Australian Army. During her time in the military, she completed her Masters in Public Health and Tropical Medicine and began providing healthcare to in complex remote environments including Kenya, Papua New Guinea and remote Australia.

Moving to the UK in 2015, Taryn began to seek out further clinical challenges and responded to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa as both a Clinician and the Senior Nurse overseeing the Ebola Treatment Centre which involved developing protocols for stringent infection prevention and control procedures and a comprehensive training program for staff.

During the Battle for Mosul, Taryn worked with the WHO as Clinical Coordinator over the course of 12 months helping to establish and run three field hospitals providing damage control resuscitation for trauma patients and two maternity hospitals to provide obstetric care to the people of Mosul. 

Taryn has also responded as part of disaster relief efforts providing medical cover to teams deploying to Haiti, Nepal and Mozambique but most recently has been working for WEM providing medical support for the CBC Survivor series in the South Pacific. She continues to regularly return to work in Australia as a Remote Area Nurse providing medical support to some of the remotest areas of the country and is currently enjoying exploring the South of England after a recent move.