We’re committed to ensuring extreme medicine education can reach all medical, healthcare and supporting professionals working in austere environments.

As a result, we’ve put together a range of easy-access online learning, available via podcast, webinars, video and text articles.


With regular updates, our team brings you the latest from across the broad spectrum of extreme medicine disciplines, including expedition, space, remote, pre-hospital and humanitarian medicine as well as a range of topics across performance and non-technical skills.

Enhance your ability to tackle challenges with new skills you can take home or out into the field.


Join our hosting team as they interview an exciting and diverse mix of guests from across the globe.  Hear discussions of contemporary topics, unique experiences and ground-breaking challenges which both inspire and inform your practice through conversations with other adventurous professionals.

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Take your learning one step further with both live and interactive training sessions. During webinars you’ll not only gain vital skills, but you’ll have the opportunity for meaningful engagement with speakers, hosts and your peers all whilst topping up your CPD/CME.

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WEM Academy

The WEM Academy hosts a vast selection of video content – a curated extreme medicine library offering everything from specialist modules and webinar recordings to video interviews and conference content.

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Get Involved

World Extreme Medicine is on a mission to share the learning and experience of our community for the benefit of society as a whole. We welcome you to be a voice in this mission by submitting your ideas here and getting involved.

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