The psychosocial care & mental health of staff with Esther Murray


8th February 2023 | 19:00 GMT

Dr Esther Murray has been a health psychologist for 13 years, initially working in cardiac care both in service improvement and psychological interventions for patients, later going on to a career in academia.

Esther is the first researcher in the UK to explore the concept of moral injury in medicine, and has presented her research at both national and international conference including the Institute of Pre-hospital Care Performance Psychology Symposium in 2017.

She also delivers training on the topic to London Ambulance Service Advanced Paramedic Practitioners, the Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearms Officers of the Metropolitan Police and is a regular contributor to London HEMS Clinical Governance Days.

Alongside this, Esther has been a guest on a number of healthcare podcasts, deliver wellbeing workshops and is one of the authors of the report ‘Valuing Staff, Valuing Patients: the report on the psychosocial care and mental health programme.’

Session Overview

In this webinar Eoin Walker speaks with Esther Murray on the report on ‘Valuing Staff, Valuing Patients: the report on the psychosocial care and mental health programme.’

Exploring some of the fundamental issues of mental health within the pre-hospital care workforce & the background issues culminating in this report.

We will dig into what it is like to working within pre-hospital care and some of the recommendations made that will hopefully serve to help all pre-hospital clinicians.

Examine the origins and impacts of the stress that affects trainees and staff working in pre-hospital settings.

Discuss the literature that shows that the human cost of distress and mental health problems experienced by staff employed in healthcare settings and by nature the extension to their colleagues and families.

Review the primary and secondary stressors that impact staff, the ‘15 golden approaches’ within the report, the continuum that staff find themselves on as described in the Stevenson-Farmer Review and much more.

Finally, examining the wellbeing agenda, Tools such as PIES, and finally the ‘do’s and don’ts in caring for staff.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand some of the issues surrounding mental health within pre-hospital care.
  2. Increase awareness of the stresses that staff are exposed to within pre-hospital care.
  3. Knowledge of the 15 Golden Approaches from the report ‘Valuing staff, valuing patients.’
  4. Understand the tools from the report and how to implement them.


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