Our Fellowships offer recognition of experience in the field of extreme medicine.

The Fellowship of Extreme and Wilderness Medicine (FEWM) provides an internationally recognised benchmark of competency for any health professional working in extreme environments.

Our Fellows sit at the heart of a global community of practice in extreme medicine.

Through this community empowerment, we’re able to push the boundaries of modern medicine delivered in hostile environments and poorly resourced areas.

A Fellowship provides a status recognised by wider networks and prospective employers.

The FEWM network itself allows Fellows to access a global audience of peers and opens up opportunities for employment, funding or research.

Join our global network.

Fellowship Benefits

  • Achieve global recognition for your contribution to Extreme Medicine
  • Share knowledge, best practice and experience with the extreme medicine and wider healthcare community
  • Become an advocate medical and healthcare professionals working in extreme environments and the populations they serve
  • Gain opportunities for employment, education, research and funding within the field of extreme medicine

Fellowship Criteria

A Fellowship can be awarded to any medical professional providing care in extreme environments.  We are an inclusive community of healthcare providers from various backgrounds who work in challenging or unconventional settings – from scientists to doctors to logisticians.

On application, you’ll be required to submit a range of information including:

  • Current employment or place of study
  • Professional and education details
  • Examples or evidence of delivering care in extreme settings
  • Contributions to the domain of Extreme Medicine
  • Evidence of research or articles
  • Contributions to education in Extreme Medicine
  • Relevant CPD

Application Process

Applications can be made online through our website by clicking Apply below.

Your application will then be reviewed by our panel, which is moderated by at least one external assessor for quality assurance and fairness.

We will respond via the email address provided within 28 working days (typically faster).

If your application is successful, you will be invited to pay the fellowship fee. We will activate your account on receipt of this, and you will be sent your digital certificate.

If your application is unsuccessful, we will endeavour to explain why and advise what further steps you may want to consider before reapplying. We reserve the right to refuse fellowship or membership based on our professional judgement. There is no appeals process.

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