World Extreme Medicine Conferences

WEMski Coming Back Soon

WEM recently asked itself the question ‘who takes care of the carers?’ with relation to medical professionals working in extremes be that in war zones, expeditions, remotely with little support, as an isolated or overwhelmed GP, in a busy stressed Emergency Department or on a paramedic crew.

We then asked ourselves the question what can WEM do to help?’ and we came up with our answer; WEMski.

Where medicine, snow and inspiration meet…

The International World Extreme Medicine Conference

Now celebrating our tenth year, the World Extreme Medicine Conference is a platform for inspiring medical minds to meet, share experiences and promote cross-disciplinary working. We are dedicated to sharing and spreading best practice for the world’s medical professionals who are willing to risk themselves to help others. The conference stimulates new thinking, extends professional relationships, and shares new and more effective approaches to medical practice in challenging environments.

Dates for 2021: 13th-15th November at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh and Online.

“Thank you WEM17. Some superb inspirational speakers with gems for all”

“I have never been to such an inspirational meeting! The people there where unbelievable!”

“The most inspiring time in my 40 years of nursing”  “I’ve never felt more inspired to be studying medicine”