Expedition and Wilderness Medicine | Corfe Castle | October 2021


Our internationally renowned Expedition and Wilderness Medicine courses provide aspiring and experienced expedition doctors, nurses, paramedics and advanced medics with the skills and practical knowledge to become valuable members of an expedition medical team.

“WEM has provided training for a huge number of Raleigh medics over the years. We highly recommend our medics do an expedition and wilderness medicine course through WEM to help them prepare for their expedition.” – Raleigh Medical Coordination Manager.

Read the BMJ write up on the course here.

Start: 4 October 2021, 08:30
End: 7 October 2021, 15:30

  • Spaces Left: ***FULLY BOOKED*** contact for waiting list
  • Prerequisites:
    • Medical or Allied Health Professional
    • Students in the final two years of study

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Intro Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Training Course

An exciting 4-day course which aims to open up the world of expedition and wilderness medicine to all medical professionals and help you mix adventure into your career.


Our Expedition and Wilderness Medicine course is designed to be the most comprehensive 4-day introductory training course a medic can be part of. Our expert faculty blend engaging lecture content with hands-on practical skills essential to all expedition medics using different teaching styles to ensure that information is delivered effectively as possible.  The nature of the course means not only do you have an eclectic, and highly experienced teaching faculty you also surrounded by like-minded fellow medics.

During the first 3 days of the course, your time will be split 50/50 between lectures and practical group work, the evenings will vary between socialising, challenge tasks and special guest lectures. The final day will focus on a search and rescue scenario where you will combine your skills to locate, rescue, treat and evacuate a casualty.

We highly recommend arriving the day before the course, you can book additional accommodation for the Sunday night directly with Brenscombe Outdoor Centre.

What’s included?
All tutoring, accommodation and meals during the course
Downloadable course resources
Safety equipment

What’s not included?
Travel costs
Insurance (for international travellers)
Personal equipment
Drinks and food purchased from the bar

Please ensure that you follow the kit list and bring adequate kit. The weather is generally stable in this area of the UK, however, as an exposed coastal region strong winds and driving rain may be possible.

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  1. Francesco (verified owner)

    This course went far beyond my expectations. The program is very well described on the webpage and it was further adjusted according to the needs of every single day of the course. The outcome was very positive.
    All the members of the faculty are first line travelers, with large experience in expedition/humanitarian medicine and extremely keen to share their experience and knowledge on a wide and complex subject.
    The course is no holiday, but the atmosphere was very pleasant and participants from very different backgrounds made it even more interesting.
    The practical workshops were one of the best parts of the course. If you are curious to learn how to navigate using map and compass, communicate with a radio or learning which knots one should know to be confident in the woods… this course may be for you!
    If you like adventure and to apply your theoretical and practical knowledge… you will probably love the search and rescue simulation as much as I did – absolutely the most amazing piece of work in the whole course! That’s where individual and team skills come together and make it real.

    This course opened my mind to knew horizons, uncovering possibilities that I otherwise would probably never have considered!
    The excitement and the productive learning acquired at the WEM course came back with me to the critical care where I work and I am convinced will improve my practice, regardless of how hostile and wild the environment may be.

  2. Dimitri Lisitsyn

    This course gave a very good overall look into remote and wilderness medicine.

    All the faculty have a good experience in the field and have good teacher skills. They are passionate in the work they do and easily approachable. The course is tough and demanding, with long days (12-14 hours) of workshops, lectures and exercises. But the course is very rewarding, giving the basic tools to possibly open few doors in humanitarian, wilderness or expedition medicine.

    The course is also a good sneak peak into the different environments giving the itch to learn more. I can imagine this is where the WEMs specialized courses come in.

    Best thing about this course was that the people who were participating. The participants were from many different countries and with different backgrounds (nurses, paramedics, doctors, specialists), everyone learned from each other.

    I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested to challenge themselves!

  3. Lauren

    This course is a great leveler! Whether you have a medical background, are just passionate about expeditions, humanitarian work or just spending time out in the hills, you’ll learn something new from everybody you meet and probably teach them something too.
    The faculty were very knowledgable and really approachable. The week opened my eyes to new possibilities as well as areas to brush up on before undertaking my next expedition.
    I’d highly recommend this WEM course, whether you’re new to remote/expedition medicine or not, there always seems to be something new to use to improve your practice and it’ll certainly build your confidence.

  4. Laura

    This course is a great insight into the world of expedition and humanitarian medicine! The course is great for all health care professionals and for those who do not have a clinical background but are looking to further their knowledge when it comes to expeditions.
    The course exceeded my expectations in numerous ways, the staff were fantastic and happy to answer any question thrown at them, the content of the course was focused and interesting and overall I found the course to be very inspiring. The course opens your mind and provides an insight into another world of medicine and where it can take you. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone.

  5. David Maasdorp

    At a time when a little injection of inspiration was much needed, this course delivered in bucket loads! A wonderful week spent with the brilliant and insightful faculty (sharing tips and experiences that one wouldn’t find in an expedition textbook) and a genuinely great bunch of fellow “students”. A really good intro into the world of medicine in the extremes. Engaging and interactive group teaching/lectures and a nice intro to some of the practical skills one would need to hone. Beautiful location, generous catering, top class banter – was this a course or a holiday?

  6. Thomas

    This course was a comprehensive introduction to the world of wilderness medicine with attendees from around the world with varying medical backgrounds. It was a great opportunity to network and learn amongst similarly-minded individuals.
    Although the team had to work around social distancing the course was delivered impeccably well, schedules were kept to and you could tell they had been running this programme successfully for some time. They have chosen a great location and the food and boarding were well beyond my expectations.
    The days are long but the sessions are engaging and entertaining and well punctuated with breaks and refreshments. Across the board, the faculty have experience working in hostile and austere environments and bring a diverse skill set to the table, presenting their own minds on what has worked for them in the field. The absolute highlight was the dentistry workshops, these were hands down the most educational and engaging sessions I have had in all my education.
    I could not recommend this course highly enough to anyone considering taking their medical or nursing career in a more exciting direction.

  7. Roger

    An extremely thought provoking learning experience with something for everyone, regardless of professional background, discipline, grade or experience.
    You can learn about the medical implications of high altitude – from an experienced expedition doctor with 8000m experience..
    A diver who has led diving expeditions to Antarctica will tell you all about diving in the frigid bottomless Southern Ocean…
    Dentistry will never be the same again, after a lecture from the most charismatic, zaniest and nicest dentist I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.. – and most importantly, I now have a real insight on how to approach dental problems in a remote expedition setting.
    If you like tying knots – and want to learn some basic rope-work and simple safe techniques to belay, anchor – and in an emergency, abseil, then you’ll love the morning “hill skills” practical session.
    One of the coolest and modest, Coastguard helicopter paramedics you could ever wish to meet, will teach you how to talk on a radio – a crucial skill in the remote setting..
    – You can put it all together on an evening Search and Rescue Exercise with authentic darkness, high fidelity rain – and the very, very real challenges of human factors and team-working in a stressful situation..
    And finally , if you want to share a relaxed evening with like-minded learners – and a friendly and expert faculty – then the WEM Core Concepts course is definitely for you !

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