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Commercial & Media COVID-19 Testing

On-Site COVID-19 Testing – Media, Commercial & Large Groups

WEM has been offering large-scale COVID-19 medical support and testing across the UK and Europe since early 2020. Building on our established media and Commercial & Media COVID-19 Testingfilm support work, we have deployed teams on complex multi-site projects, multi-country solutions for global media organisations to support their commercial operations.

World Extreme Medicine (WEM) has been in operation for 22 years specialising in the provision of logistics, risk assessment, medicine and science in remote, challenging and often high-risk environments.  Our faculty consists of well-trained personnel with acute operational experience and expertise. As such, WEM is uniquely placed to lead mitigation and management of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) within a multitude of industries.

Since early 2020 we have been engaged with a range of productions worldwide in this capacity including Universal Studios (355), Mission Impossible, Jack Ryan, Dungeons  Dragons, Shantaram, Bear Grylls (Man Versus Wild), Golden Oldies (Paramount/Viacom) and the European Music Awards (Viacom)

WEM can provide a full range of Covid-19 services ranging from testing (PCR and Lamp) to the provision of Covid-19 Compliance Supervisors (CCS) on the ground for project duration. It is worth noting we only provide medically qualified CCS’ to ensure a higher offering than other providers. Furthermore, there is a core remote team of senior WEM professionals supporting CCS’ remotely to ensure high levels of service and best practice are observed, for example our Medical Lead and Science Support faculty members ensure compliance with changing regulations and Covid mitigation procedures.

With regard to testing, we use a major public health system UKAS accredited infectious diseases lab (U.K based) for PCR testing and have a microbiologist on the faculty for quality control and due diligence. We are also UKAS registered to provide LAMP testing and are on the government list of recognised point-of-care providers. All personnel undertaking LAMP testing have medical or science-based degrees and have been trained by microbiologists in line with government directives and Lamp protocol.

Senior WEM Professionals

Dr Joe Rowles (Clinical Lead) 
Dr Rowles is a Senior Clinical Fellow at a U.K. based teaching hospital working within Accident and Emergency and a Fellow of the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care at the Royal College of Surgeons and the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries. With a special forces background, attached to extensive remote operational experience, Dr Rowles has been responsible for implementing Covid-19 mitigation and management protocol at his own hospital, the learnings of which have been utilised across a number of the productions WEM have worked on to date. Prior to Covid-19 Dr Rowles already had many years experience across a range of well-known productions (including the U.S. Survivor (CBS) Series and the ‘Worlds Toughest Race’ for Amazon Prime) leading their medical provision.

Rebecca Hall (Microbiologist) 
Rebecca is a full-time microbiologist at a U.K. based teaching hospital and a registered member of both the Institute of Biomedical Science and Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC). As per government directives WEM have opted to employ the services of a microbiologist to ensure due diligence across PCR and Lamp testing regimes.

Nikki McLeary (Science Support/Project Management) 
Nikki has 19 years applied science experience in challenging environments, 15 years of which were spent overseas across multiple locations (ocean, winter mountain and desert) relying on proficient logistical and risk assessment skill-sets. As a Fellow of Extreme Medicine and an Honorary Senior Lecturer of Sport & Health Sciences at Exeter University Nikki has oversight of the CCS’ on a day-to-day basis, she is responsible for ensuring their knowledge of industry/scientific/governmental guidelines are not only current but also being correctly utilised for protocol development on-set.

Mark Hannaford (CEO World Extreme Medicine) 
Mark is the Honorary Associate Professor at the Centre for Extreme Medicine Exeter University Medical School and a founder of the Post Graduate Diploma and MSc in Extreme Medicine, holding the equivalent positions at the University of Texas Medical School, Houston and Pacific University, Oregon. Mark has a special forces background and as CEO of World Extreme Medicine has overall control of the Covid-19 contracts and teams, ensuring each production is strategically best placed for objective delivery. As the world leader in extreme medicine and with a vast network of medical and scientific professionals to utilise, Mark is best placed for direction and implementation of the in-country and remote teams.


Alongside testing, we offer a range of medical support packages and risk assessment services

Extreme environments, managing medical risk and providing gold-standard medical backup is WEMs core business. We have been supporting some of the world’s largest, and some the smallest, media productions quietly, without a fuss for the past two decades and our client lists speaks for itself;

Paramount Studios, Viacom, CBS Survivor, CBS, Amazon Prime, BBC Natural History Unit, BBC TV, BBC Blue Peter, BBC Children in Need, European Music Awards, Channel4, Cross Creek Pictures, ITV TV, Discovery, Universal Pictures, MTV, Working Title Films and Ginger Productions.

“We contracted a large medical team made up of doctors, paramedics and nurses through World Extreme Medicine Limited for our 6-month remote location shoot in Fiji and we couldn’t be happier. The team from the top down were extremely professional and easy to deal with at all levels of the operation. From a logistics and production standpoint we also really appreciate the professionalism and “can do” attitude these guys bring to the table.”Jesse Jensen – Co-Executive Producer – US ‪Survivor

We can provide full Expedition Medical Support for production teams and celebrities on your television or photographic project worldwide. We have an impressive portfolio of experienced medical professionals on our books, many of whom have media experience both on and off camera. Using WEM to provide your Expedition Medical Support resolves some of the most important logistical and safety considerations of foreign travel in remote environments.

“Behind every challenge and adventure is a logistics team that work tirelessly behind the scenes. World Extreme Medicine provide the support and logistics that ensured a safe and successful adventure. They organised the event in record time without compromising safety or quality.

Quite simply, we couldn’t have done it without them”.   Ben Fogle

Paramount Studios
Universal Studios
Discovery Channel
MTV European Music Awards
Amazon Prime