54 Hours Underground – 1 Year On

Adventure, Careers, Human Factors & Situational Awareness
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Consultant Anaesthetist Brendan Sloan draws on decades of underground rescue experience to recount the harrowing 2021 cave rescue of George Linnane in Wales – one of the longest in UK history. As a core team leader for Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation and British Cave Rescue Council Medical Officer, Brendan was pivotal in coordinating George’s complex extrication.

In this edge-of-your-seat talk, George and Brendan narrate the gripping mission first-hand – from the initial fall through ascending the 700m cave system with severe injuries. Learn how specialised equipment, extensive logistical planning, and over 300 rescuers executed the challenging subterranean evacuation. Gain perspective on stabilising and transporting casualties from extreme underground environments.

Alongside re-living the pulsating drama, Brendan analyses the myriad medical and tactical considerations that enable success in prolonged confined space rescues. He distills hard-won lessons around delivering complex care in highly dangerous settings. Whether a first responder or armchair caver, this talk offers an unparalleled view into the life-and-death brinksmanship guiding underground rescue response.

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Length: 49m
Guests: George Linnane

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