Medicine in Cold Environments Part 2

Cold & Polar Medicine
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Medicine in Cold Environments Part 2 is a continuation of our hugely popular discussion with Emergency Nurse Practitioner & Polar Medicine faculty member Ben Cooper and Dr Sean Hudson MBE alongside Eoin Walker. In this session, they explore hypothermia treatment in the field, calling on their experience from the hills of the UK to the Antarctic.

Decades of experience have allowed the team to understand when you prioritise different treatments and casualty care. How to use basic equipment to make significant changes to the environment around your casualty. Years of experience and lateral thinking often leads to the simplest but most effective solutions, Ben and Sean are full of expert tips that will influence your decision making in their field.

This fantastic discussion will have you reviewing, and perhaps changing, what you pack in a rucksack, how you approach hypothermia treatment in the field and thinking about the behaviours you can implement to reduce risk.

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Length: 1h 10m
Host: Eoin Walker
Categories: Cold & Polar Medicine

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