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Facial Trauma on Expeditions

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine
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Every medic thinks that when they are faced with facial trauma, they can get medevac quickly and easily. This may not be the case as weather and other factors could prevent this. In any setting (Austere, Pre hospital, Humanitarian, ED) facial fractures can bleed and bleed and bleed…and trying to secure the airway can be a nightmare. These situations may be rare, but preparing for them is an essential skill in an expedition medic’s toolbox.

In this webinar we will concentrate on isolated facial trauma. By breaking it down into lower jaw, upper jaw and facial soft tissue injuries, we will problem solve the challenges these pose in an austere environment.

What if you are in the humanitarian field and have no access to specialist help? What can you do? How will you transport this patient should the need arise? Join us in our webinar to find out.

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Length: 59m
Guests: Burjor Langdana
Host: Eoin Walker

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