Remi Adeleke: In Conversation

Adventure, Careers, Humanitarian & Disaster Medicine
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Former US Navy Seal and Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins DS, Remi Adeleke has worked extensively with humanitarian agencies to stem the trade of human organ trafficking.

As a writer, film director and actor,  he has brought his in-depth knowledge of this multi-billion dollar underground industry into a medium that could help bring about wider public awareness and eventual change.

In this session, Saleyha will be asking Remi about his life, his book Transformed and about his recent film The Unforgotten based on his real life experiences fighting human organ trafficking.

An important session for humanitarian healthcare workers who will learn key information to help them to identify signs of this criminal activity and what to do next.

Remi will also talk about the exciting plans ahead for his next multi-million dollar budgeted film on the subject that begins early in 2023.

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Length: 50m
Guests: Remi Adeleke

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