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Working in Humanitarian Healthcare

Humanitarian & Disaster Medicine
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Global Medical Advisor for Save the Children International Josie Gilday joins us to discuss her work in humanitarian settings and the lessons we can take from these experiences in the fight against COVID19.

Josie, alongside WEM Education Lead, Will Duffin, talks about the role of NGOs and their work, including the importance of reciprocal development, the disproportionate development of technology and the impact this may have on humanitarian responses in the future, as well as the significance of immersing yourself in different environments and understanding cultural nuances – and how the humble cup of tea can help.

Josie also takes us through her experience of Cox Bazar, a refugee camp established in the wake of violence that erupted in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, forcing thousands of civilians to flee their homes. Josie spent time researching and working in the camp, looking into the care provided to both host and refugee populations – a balance that can often cause friction.

Josie considers the potential impact that COVID19 could have in low resource areas and how these places can prepare using the tools available to them, including communication and community to their strengths.

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Length: 1h
Guests: Josie Gilday
Host: Will Duffin

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