Breaking The Silence: Mental Health in Humanitarian Medicine

Mental Health
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Providing medical care and humanitarian assistance in crisis zones takes immense courage and dedication. It’s also recognised that prolonged exposure to extremely stressful environments can negatively impact the mental health of first responders and aid workers.

That’s why we held this important webinar, “Breaking the Silence – Mental Health in Humanitarian Medicine” to coincide with World Mental Health Day.

This webinar will explore the psychological demands placed on those providing urgent care and relief in high-stress environments.

Meet our expert panel:

  • Laura Jones is Global Head of Staff Health and Wellbeing at Save the Children International, overseeing well-being in 116 countries.
  • Jamie Pattison is a SAR Paramedic & flight paramedic with Bristow in the UK. He is also a UKISAR volunteer.
  • Hareen De Silva is a clinician, medical coordinator and educator with extensive humanitarian aid experience in Greece, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. He’s also a trustee of Fair Health.

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Length: 46m
Host: Eoin Walker
Categories: Mental Health

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