Damage Control Resuscitation

Military & Tactical Medicine, Pre-hospital Care

Damage control resuscitation (DCR) is a strategy for managing traumatic hemorrhage in the prehospital setting, which emphasises rapid control of bleeding and prevention of hypothermia, acidosis, and coagulopathy. In remote environments, such as wilderness settings or military operations, DCR may be the only available option for treating severe traumatic injuries. The specific approach to DCR in remote environments may vary depending on available resources, transport time, and environmental conditions.

In this webinar Damian Keene joined us to discuss the physiology of major blood loss in trauma, and examine how to control bleeding in low resource locations. Damian is a Consultant Anaesthetist with the British army and has a subspecialty accreditation in prehospital emergency medicine, working regularly for both wales and midlands air ambulance.

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Length: 74m
Guests: Damian Keene

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