How to Plan Your Retrieval Medicine Elective

Careers, Pre-hospital Care
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Laura’s recent month-long retrieval medicine with the Royal Flying Doctors Service in remote Western Australia inspired her to provide insights for medical students into organising their own incredible retrieval medicine elective.

After attending the World Extreme Medicine Conference and hearing fascinating case studies from wilderness medicine experts, Laura wants to share practical tips and tricks for medical students to find and prepare for the perfect retrieval medicine elective.

In this webinar, Laura will discuss key considerations for a retrieval medicine elective, including choosing the right location, understanding logistics of retrieval medicine, and planning for extreme weather and remote conditions. She’ll share case examples from her own experience, ranging from a patient trapped in a freezer to managing blunt trauma from mining equipment mishaps. Laura’s goal is to inspire medical students and provide actionable advice to start planning an unforgettable retrieval medicine elective that could shape their future medical career.

The webinar provides an inside look at the realities of practicing medicine in remote areas and how students can gain invaluable hands-on experience in extreme environments.

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Length: 53m
Guests: Laura Appleton
Host: Eoin Walker
Categories: Careers, Pre-hospital Care

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