MEDEVAC in French Polynesia

Adventure, Expedition & Wilderness Medicine, Pre-hospital Care, Search & Rescue
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Globetrotting GP Lucille shares captivating stories from the frontlines of medical evacuation (medevac) in the vast Pacific. With French Polynesia’s 118 islands scattered across an area the size of Europe, accessing quality care requires incredible coordination. Follow harrowing helicopter and plane transport of isolated islanders to distant hospitals under every imaginable challenge.

Through high-stakes cases, gain insight into delivering critical treatment despite scarce resources, formidable geography, harsh weather, and strict aircraft limitations.

From dramatic rescues to moving patients battling rare cancers overseas for life-saving surgeries unavailable locally, Lucille highlights the constant ingenuity required – plus the incredible courage of islanders confronting medical trauma with quiet dignity. Join Lucille in navigating the realities of remote medicine pushed to extremes. Witness the obstacles overcome daily to connect Pacific communities to quality healthcare they deserve. Discover what fuels this general practitioner’s passion for barrier-breaking, landscape-spanning care.

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Length: 43m

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