Drones In Medicine

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Get ready to explore the exciting world of drone technology, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and discover how these revolutionary flying machines are transforming the landscape of healthcare and emergency medical response.

In this captivating talk, Imron, a leading expert in the field, will take you on a journey through the vast potential and practical applications of drones in medicine. While India is yet to fully embrace the incredible capabilities of drones, countries around the world are already witnessing the transformative impact they can have in both private and public sectors, particularly in healthcare. Aerial professional drones, with their small size, portability, and advanced features, are opening up a world of possibilities for medical professionals and first responders.

Imron will showcase the diverse range of drones available and how they can perform a variety of crucial tasks in even the most extreme environments, from mountains and jungles to underwater settings. Discover how drones equipped with audio-video broadcasting, GPS navigation, fully automated and predetermined flight paths, and artificial intelligence can revolutionise medical surveillance, equipment transport, drug delivery, remote teleconsultations, and disaster response.

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Length: 44m
Guests: Imron Subhan

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