Thriving in Extreme Tropical Conditions

Tropical Medicine

Join Dr. Laura McArthur as she shares essential medical tips for working in tropical climates. Drawing from her extensive experience as a GP locally and abroad, as well as her role lecturing at the University of Exeter’s Extreme Medicine program, Dr. McArthur provides invaluable insights for healthcare professionals.

In this video, she covers best practices for treating patients in tropical regions, reflecting on case studies and lessons learned from various locations. Topics include:

  • Managing common tropical diseases and infections
  • Adjusting treatment modalities for tropical environments
  • Pharmacological considerations in the tropics
  • Optimising doctor-patient interactions
  • Personal health and safety precautions

Whether you’re a clinician looking to work abroad or simply seeking to enrich your skill set, Dr. McArthur sets the foundation with fundamental clinical pearls and pragmatic advice for delivering care in tropical settings.

Further learning opportunities:

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Length: 48m
Guests: Laura McArthur
Host: Eoin Walker
Categories: Tropical Medicine

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