Mental Health and Resiliency in Special Rescue

Careers, Leadership, Mental Health
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With 15 years of rescue and wilderness medical experience, David Stanton has spent the last 8 years as a Special Rescue paramedic, responding to global conflicts, disasters, and crises – spending over 6 months a year overseas. An accomplished instructor, he has taught military, humanitarians, and paramedics. With several published articles and more forthcoming, David currently works in special rescue and special projects for High Priority Consultants.

For those operating in austere and high-stress environments worldwide, provider mental health has become a crucial priority. But what does deployment actually entail – and how do you take care of yourself through the stress? With over a dozen international deployments under his belt, David shares hard-won wisdom on retaining your sanity.

Get inspiration and applicable tactics for managing the stages of provider stress: before, during and after missions. Learn vital preparation strategies, resiliency principles for deployment, and how to handle the jarring transition back to “normal life.” Gain insight into maintaining healthy relationships and avoiding long-term trauma. Whether you work in an ER or disaster zones, this talk offers key perspectives on understanding and caring for provider mental health.

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Length: 42m

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